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LiFinStore for a Smart Retail

Create a new instore digital experience

The benefits of LiFi in the Retail

To increase traffic in your store, combine LiFi LED lightings and shopping trolley trackers

Walk in your customers’ shoes

Surveys show that 60% of customers have trouble finding a product. 
This translates into a shortfall of around 4% per year in turnover. Analyze the customer’s shopping trolley journey but also help them to find their products. Retailers can improve the customer's experience and drive revenue growth through effective use of LiFi indoor-positioning and wayfinding technology. 

Deliver deals at the right moment

Customized advertising is more efficient for 70% of consumers.

Using social data, information on previous purchases, saved items, or previous in-app behavior, you know whether a customer wants a certain message. Combine with LiFi beacons in retail, you can send a customer a coupon that directly relates to them. Shoppers receive personal notifications when they are near products relevant for them.

Our latest references

Have a glance to this project that could be yours

LiFi LED lights and trolley tracker

The brand new E. Leclerc retail store (75019 Paris) has LiFi-equipped LED lights and shopping carts

Tracking for traffic & insights

Shopping cart path can be visualised and analysed by our smart LiFi engine

Mobile Application

Shopping list, navigation and coupons can be managed by the mobile app